This past summer Kathy came to my house to do a photo shoot of my 24 year old Paso Fino & myself. I knew we were both in the twilight of our trail riding days & I was anxious to have a remembrance of our time together. Kathy is an accomplished horse & mule handler so she knew exactly how to present his best view. The photos were so nice I had a hard time picking, but she patiently led me through the process of elimination. She even helped me with size & placement in my home. While she was there she did a sibling shoot for us. The photo made a wonderful Christmas present for my sisters & brother. She is a sweet person & fun to work with. Professional , knowledgeable & artistic. A number 10!


We had such an excellent experience with Kathy at Treasures I Seek, I can’t say enough positive things about it.  She was absolutely what my daughter needed in order to bring out her smile and make her feel special throughout the photo shoot.  She was so easy to work with and it felt like we had been friends for a long time.  Kathy put in the time and effort to also work in a setting that meant something to my daughter for her graduation pictures and that made it special as well.  The quality of the photos were also amazing.  We are definitely going back to Kathy when our other daughter graduates.

-Roxanne DeVries Robinson

Oh my gosh Kathy, I cannot get enough of the slideshow. I think I have watched it 20 times and am still mesmerized by it!! Thank you so much for this. The pictures are incredible and the moments you captured are absolutely priceless. You truly have an amazing eye! Thank you so much for making these "last forever" memories!

- Becki, Jim and Charley

Kathy, The book is so awesome. You have captured the essence of these little people. You were able to enter into their childhood and brighten the world with their innocence. You have brought joy to my heart with the gift that our Lord has showered on you. Thank you for sharing your talent. Thank you for your friendship. God's grace is clearly shining in the faces of my grand children and all children.

- Deanne Hunter

My husband and I hired Kathy after she had been referred to us from friends. We had decided to have photographs done of our family as an anniversary present to each other. Our little ones are two and five and are fine with a couple of photos but I wasn't sure how they would take to an hour long session. Kathy had an amazing ability of helping them feel at ease. You can tell she has had lots of practice with children, between kids of her own and grandchildren. She truly has a gift and an "eye" for capturing each personality. We loved every single photo and you would never know all the chaotic moments behind the scenes when looking at the end result. Our thanks could never be enough for photos our family will treasure forever.

- Carlton & Cathy Loewer
Owners, Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates


Thank you so much for photographing our recent family reunion in Jackson. It was no easy task getting 25 people and the phenomenal Teton backdrop into something other than a stoically posed photograph but you did it! Your personalization of what we were looking for and photography professionalism from planning the photo location all the way through to ensuring we individually got top quality prints of our respective favorite images was tremendous. We're so happy to have had the chance to work with you and really appreciate your talent in helping us capture the spirit of our family reunion. Thank you!


- Jeff Tolonen

Kathy -

The pictures arrived yesterday and are spectacular - especially the 20"x 30".

Wonderful memories, expertly captured. Thank you again.

- Jeff


I seriously could not stop crying when Dan showed me the slideshow. I sent to about 75 people, and I have heard back from about 20 -- all women, saying they too BALLED their eyes out! You are amazing -- we could not be more thrilled!

How can I even begin to write down how I feel and how thankful I am to have such a "treasured" presentation of photographs? My heart is so filled with this new little spirit that has encompassed our home - - to have a keep sake such as this is priceless. Thank you for capturing our happiness in both our marriage and the joy of our son. It is hard to explain true happiness...but the photo's tell the perfect story of our relationship -- you did an incredible job...thank you!

- Christina Feuz

We just got our prints today. They are absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for capturing our special family time together in such a fabulous way!!


- Shirley

The canvas arrived this afternoon and is at the framer as I write this.

It looks just great, you did a wonderful job!

Could you stick around until I have weddings/grandchildren so you can work your magic then too?

- DeeDee Miller