This was my fourth trip to Las Currentas as small village in Tierra Nueva, Nicaragua.  My church the Presbyterian Church of Jackson Hole, has partnered with an organization called: Agros International.  We have made a commitment to this village for seven years and have seen it grow from literally nothing.  The people are hard working, and committed to providing a better life for their families, being brought out of the cycle of poverty.  They are people of deep faith and commitment.  We are seeing them healthier than they have been in the past and as one women said, she is living in her dream home!  Please continue to pray for their crops and health.  Also success to pay off their loans for the their land.  I have learned a great deal from them as to leaning heavily on the Lord for everything.  As I would say "Hasta mañana" (See you tomorrow)  their reply was often, "Si Dios quire" (God willing).  I have to admit I don't see my life as that dependent on my Lord.