About Treasures I Seek

Kathy Robertson has developed her photographic skills while living in one of the most photogenic places on earth. She has used this natural backdrop to capture the feeling of family and friends, of ranch life, and of living in and loving the wild country. She has a natural eye for the beauty that a camera can capture, a talent always encouraged by her painter mother and her photographer father. Kathy grew up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on a small ranch in the Hoback area, where her love for horses often led her to riding in the nearby mountains. She married her high-school sweetheart, Billy, and raised their three sons on the Robertson ranch that his family homesteaded south of town. Original access, across the Snake River, was by a small swinging footbridge or by fording with a wagon. This created an isolated and hearty community within Jackson Hole. Kathy seized any opportunity to work alongside her father-in-law, Dell, helping him with the livestock and especially trying to absorb his amazing ability with horses. As their sons grew, Kathy became the family photographer. Her interest in capturing the memories that told a story became an honored tradition in the Robertson clan. This included the family’s annual joy, a pack trip into the wilderness. The family’s collective love of the mountains has been shared with friends and family. The evolving photographic journal has honed her skills in all kinds of weather, terrain and the ability to capture images from horseback. She has developed a special way of defining this lifestyle and the relationships that develop. While raising a family she found the time to listen and learn, to participate in professional photography field trips, to enjoy the evolution into digital technology and to follow its changes. She obtained all of the tools she needed to take and produce superb images. Her beautiful photo bank has grown steadily. When Kathy began a professional career as a photographer. She expanded her interests to include weddings and portraits. She feels blessed to share these special times with her clients, who allow her into their lives to capture fleeting moments to be saved for future generations. Kathy’s ability to create unique images of special moments and relationships with a keen eye on her surroundings is obvious in her work. These are the treasures that she seeks! Kathy still lives on the homestead with Billy and their 18 horses and mules.